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Your inner wisdom is always trying to communicate with you. When you notice that, or in times of uncertainty, you look for guidance, a sign or some sort of direction that will help you to navigate your way through life’s journey.

Many of us don’t actually trust ourselves enough to take our own advice. We wonder ‘Who am I to have access to this knowledge?’ and say things like ‘I’m not ‘special’, ‘clever’ or ‘magical’ enough to learn how to tap into intuitive guidance’.  So, we turn to others for card readings, thinking that other people know better than us.

In my opinion, there IS no ‘qualification’, or academic program of study that compares even remotely to trusting your own intuition, to that connection to infinite, unlimited wisdom, the intelligence that lives within all of us.

This online course I have created includes a workbook, videos, and meditation to help you to develop your intuition, confidence, and clarity to intuitively read cards, for yourself, and others.

Whether it’s oracle, angel, tarot or anything else – trusting your intuition is key. Studying this online course, at your own pace, allows you to develop trust in yourself, which will have a huge impact on the rest of your life, and self-confidence, too. No previous experience is necessary, and you don’t have to memorise the meanings of every single card.

With access to a private Facebook group (a safe space to practice in) you’ll soon be tuning in, connecting, and trusting the messages you receive.

Many people who have taken this course have gone on to read cards as a business, with great success.  Others use them in womens circle or coffee mornings, and others have simply allowed themselves to acknowledge that they are indeed magical, and able to access guidance whenever they like, using cards as tool for connection.

Don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the comments you’ll see when you join the group…

Joanne Anthony

Wow just started reading the course and I love this approach to card readings!! Suits me so much better and less fixated on actual card meanings and more about self-trust.

Amanda Dobson

Love the card reading course online , this is a great way to further build on the amazing training Kaz gave us all too, love the video’s, and really love all of the amazing people in this group.

Carlee Rose

This course is packed full of knowledge. It’s got the info in videos or text. I love that Kaz thought of doing both, as some people, including me, prefer listening to videos rather than reading. Kaz is lush and gives you everything you need to know to be able to read cards. Highly recommend this course. It’s such good value for money