DECEMBER – Connection

December’s Elevation Declaration…

CONNECTION – Weaving your own web

Screensaver you may wish to use as a reminder

Journalling Session

If questions don’t seem to fit or theres no clear answer, or creative way to interpret it, just skip it.

Typically, when I think about December, I know I can usually expect….

And my higher self would remind me that…

Thinking about 2022, something I’d love to leave behind this year, or a project I’d like to complete before the year ends is….

Something that I’ve been holding onto is….

I know I need to dis-connect from….

Secretly, this month, I’d really love …

Something I know deep down needs addressed is….

The aspect of my life where I’m lacking ‘connection’ most right now is…

The chakra/energy centre I feel is most DIS-connect right now is…

An elevated emotion I want to connect more to this month is…

The chakra/energy centre I feel is most connected and stable right now is…

If all of my needs were met, everyone was happy and cared for, and I had the freedom, means and ways to live my joy, I would spend my time…..

Daily Journal Prompt

Seasonal Living Ideas for December

Get sunlight in your eyes, as soon as possible, even if it isn’t bright sunshine. Using a light box or even turning your overhead lights on at home will still kick start circadian rhythm, but aim to go outside for natural daylight as early as you can. Many people leave for work in the dark, are stuck inside, then come home to artificial light. Even 10 minutes having a cuppa on your morning break will help.

If you struggle with SAD, keep a light box on during day when you’re working. If you spend a lot of time indoors in the daytime, I highly recommend getting a simple light box, which contains roughly 10,000lux, as this has been shown to improve mood and energy levels in those who find Autumn and Winter difficult. I use this one.

Red light therapy is also very effective for mood, energy, as well as collagen and hormone health.

Get some stimulating movement in on a morning – barefoot boogie, sun salutations, Qigong, rebounding, or a brisk dog walk.

On a night time, use low level lights rather than overhead lights. Candles and salt lamps create a cosy warmth that remind the system of campfires, helping to produce melatonin. As always, stay off blue light on a night, avoiding screentime.

Embrace the cosiness and start to live more seasonally. We are not meant to be on the go, non-stop all year. If that feels impossible this year, rest when you can, observe and record, and think about how you can prepare for change next year.

Nap if you need one in the afternoon. Ayurvedic wisdom suggests not supressing natural urges, and that includes tiredness and hunger in the winter time.

Go to bed earlier. At least an hour earlier than you would in the Summer will be beneficial.

Keep the feet, hands, ears warm. A warming oil foot massage, then some cotton socks to keep the warmth and moisture in before you sleep at night will feel super nurturing.

Nutrition, Supplements and Digestion

Digestion can be strong, as the agni (fire) goes within (also the reason the extremities need to be kept warm, the body is busy going within to keep the vital organs going.) So don’t worry so much about having more substantial foods this month, it’s not the season for cold salads. That being said, be mindful of sweet and stodgy cravings, and nurture them in considered, healthful ways.

Eat protein on a morning, and carbs on a night. Eat more root vegetables, and dark foods and berries.

ASHWAGANDHA, TULSI, MACA, RHODIOLA, and SHATAVARI are all excellent herbal supplements for this time of year. If you feel drawn, look into each, and choose what feels right for you. You do not need to take all of them!

This is a brilliant book, particularly for women, is by Dr Claudia Welch. I have recommended it for years, and it’s currently extremely affordable.. Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life.

Increase Glycine, using bone broth or gelatine if this works with your dietary requirements and beliefs. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any vegan alternatives to recommend.

Look after the kidneys and bladder. Often, our adrenals are depleted after struggling to keep up with the constant ‘doing’. Winter is YIN – too much ‘yang’ activity in body and mind will burn us out. Keep the whole back, neck, shoulders and chest warm.

Struggling with fatigue, low mood, lack of motivation, anxiety, slow metabolism, feeling burnt out, low libido, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, not feeling rested when you wake, intolerance to exercise, sugar cravings, excessive thirst… all of these can be an accumulation of years of yo-yo dieting, fasting, over working and over-exercising, low protein diet, chronic stress – relationships, finances, family, responsibilities…, cutting out carbs, poor sleep, illness/pain, pollution, over consuming sugar, alcohol or caffeine.


It’s important to balance movement and rest this month, and to reduce the amount of high impact, high intensity exercise you do. Movement is important, but should be more restorative, slow paced, and stress relieving. Yin yoga, and yoga nidra are perfect for this time of year.

By all means, go crazy with the barefoot boogie, but an hour of intense cardio is excessive for winter.

Restorative Yoga for Deep Rest

Qigong Winter Flow

Short Yoga Nidra – perfect for when you can’t nap on an afternoon, but need a reset